Sattriya is a dance form which has so long remained as a lesser known dance form in India. After receiving its due recognition it has become very popular and the dancers in the form took it with great enthusiasm with a view to giving sattriya a wide exposure all throughout the world. The dance form of Sattriya like many other classical dances of India , has been extracted from a larger body of theatrical practices that constitute the AnkiyaBhaona form. Mahapurush Srimanta Sankardeva evolved Ankiyanat and Bhaona on the principles of Sanskrit drama, as a skillful contrivance for the propagation of his new faith based on Bhakti( 15th-17th centuries), which has been written in an assamese maithali language known as Brajawali. There are fifteen plays ascribed to Srimanta Sankardeva and his disciple Mahapurush Madhabdeva. The dance form is full of artistic and aesthetic value, so some attempt has been made to dilate the art form amongst the upcoming generation by the introduction of
“ SANSKRITI” an institute of dance and music established in the year april 2016.
Regn No:RS/KAM(M)263/S/158 OF 2018-2019
The main aim behind the establishment of the institute is to impart pure , systematic and scientific training of Sattriya dance and music and spread the art form across boundaries. The main person behind the establishment of “SANSKRITI” Mrs. Jolly moniSaikiahas the experience of experimentation in this line for the last 25 years which was demonstrated in various metropolis and foreign countries that received warm applause and appreciation. To encourage the noble endeavor of the institute she is accompanied by a group of honorable artist and practitioners of this art form .