Course Offered

• Sattriya The dance form of Sattriya like many other classical dances of India , has been extracted from a larger body of theatrical practices that constitute the AnkiyaBhaona form. MahapurushSrimantasankardeva evolved Ankiyanat and Bhaona on the principles of Sanskrit drama, as a skillful contrivance for the propagation of his new faith based on Bhakti( 15th-17th centuries), which has been written in an assamesemaithali language known as Brajawali.
• Borgeet These devotional songs were composed by srimantasankardeva and madhabdeava in the 15th and 16th centuries used in prayers associated with Eksharan Dharma and also belong to the repertoire of music of assam.
• Bharatnatyam Is a major classical dance originated in Tamil Nadu it expresses south indian religious themes and spiritual ideas.

Syllabus & Training

• The institution imparts theoretical and practical training ofsattriyanritya, Bharatnatyam and vocal training of Borgeet under 7years based syllabus of SangeetsatraParikshaParishad.
• The 7 years diploma comprises of Prarambhik, prathamik, prathamapratham, prathamadwitiya,madhyama, kushal and gunin.
• Minimum age for Admission for Prarambhik is 4+.the first two years include only practical training of the basics and from PrathamaPrathamBarsa both practical and theory is included.
• The session starts from august and ends in july.
• Annual examinations are held in the month of july
• Classes are conducted twice a week for dance Saturday 4:30 pm onwards, Sunday 10:30 am onwards and Thursday 5pm For music every Wednesday 4 pm onwards.